Thin Ice

Thin Ice

Our "polar vortex" of a winter negatively impacted economic activity, keeping people out of stores and off car lots.

Come Together - Baird Gives Back Week

Come Together

An inside look at Baird Gives Back Week.

Fortune Smiles Again

FORTUNE Smiles Again

Baird ranks No. 9 in 2014.

Give Weight To Your Investment Strategy

Give Weight to Your Investment Strategy

Why economic outlooks shouldn't have the last word.

Talking About Your Generation

Talking About Your Generation

Wealth management for your generation and the next.

Have You Seen Us Lately?

Have You Seen Us Lately?

New TV ads convey Baird's intergenerational focus.

Did You know?

Did You know?

More than half of Baird employees own stock in our firm.

Take Our Survey

Take Our Survey

Let us know how you like our new look, our content and what you’d like to see us do in the future.

Are Bonds Still A

Are Bonds Still a "Safe" Investment?

2013 was a tumultuous and weak year for bonds. To see if 2014 might bring more of the same, Digest recently interviewed Baird fixed income experts Craig Elder and Warren Pierson at the end of Q1.

Calendar Icon Planning Calendar


  • With your income tax return still fresh in your mind, talk with your Financial Advisor on how to structure your portfolio in a more tax-efficient manner.
  • If your child is graduating high school soon, now might be a good time to look into scholarship opportunities. The College Board's site is a good place to start.

May 29

  • Celebrate 529 College Savings Day by reviewing your education savings strategy.

May 31

  • Deadline for IRA trustees to issue Form 5498, reporting contributions and rollovers to IRAs for 2013. Watch for these forms to arrive in the mail around this date.

July 1

  • At the midpoint of the year, prepare a projection of your 2014 tax liability to ensure you're on pace to avoid any tax underpayment penalties.

July 31

  • The last day to file Form 5500, an informational return filed by employers to provide the Deparment of Labor with compliance, research and disclosure information on retirement plans.

September 6

  • 401(k) Day happens at the start of the fall because it's a good time to check the status of your retirement plans, whether they're employee-sponsored or not.

September 16

  • Third-quarter 2014 estimated tax payments are due.
  • If necessary, change your projected 2014 tax liability withholding to avoid underpayment penalty.