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Taking Control of Your Financial Future

Research tells us that nearly two-thirds of women in the United States lack confidence in their ability to make smart financial decisions about their future. In our latest Women's Wealth article, Baird's network of female financial advisors offers tips on how you can become better engaged with your finances.

Calendar Icon Planning Calendar

October 1
  • First date to file for financial aid for the 2018–2019 school year
October 1 – December 7
  • Annual election period for making changes to Medicare or Medicare Advantage coverage
October 16
  • Final extended due date for filing 2016 income tax returns
  • Last day to recharacterize a Roth IRA conversion done in 2016
November 28
  • Last day to buy a security and recognize a loss on the sale of a substantially identical security by the end of the year (sale must occur on December 29)
December 31
  • Deadline for taking required minimum distributions from retirement plans for 2016 (extended to April 1, 2018, if 2017 is your first year to take RMDs)
  • Most employee retirement plans, including profit-sharing plans, must be established, though contributions can often be made until the tax return due date
January 1 – March 31
  • General enrollment period for Medicare for those who missed their initial enrollment period
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Letter From Mike Schroeder

When it's done right, wealth management can be a lot more than simply investing.

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Falling Into Place

Tax-savvy tips on how to spend down your retirement accounts.

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The Return of Normalcy?

Despite persistent market uncertainty, a more "normal" investment environment may be emerging.

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Talking About Your Generation

The latest in our Talking About Your Generation series asks if parents and grandparents should help pay for college.