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The Past Is Prelude

It's not so much the number of years as it is the successes we've helped our clients achieve. As we look back on our 100-year history, we reflect on the principles that guided us in 1919 and still steer our firm today.

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  • General enrollment period for Medicare for those who missed their initial enrollment period.


  • First wave of 1099s issued by Baird for accounts holding individual equities, bonds or mutual funds providing final tax information.


  • Second wave of 1099s issued for accounts holding mutual funds, ETFs and REITs providing final tax information.


  • Final wave of 1099s issued for the remaining accounts including accounts holding REMICs or WHMTs.


  • Deadline for those who turned 70½ during 2018 to take their IRA required minimum distribution. In some cases, RMDs from employer plans may be delayed if the employee is still working.


  • Deadline to file 2018 tax returns or apply for an automatic six-month extension.
  • Contributions to Traditional and Roth IRAs for 2018 are due.
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Letter From Mike Schroeder

PWM President Mike Schroeder on the significance of Baird's 100th anniversary.

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2019 Planning Perspective

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Advice for keeping the tax return preparation process simple and cost-effective.

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What Women Need to Know About Social Security

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Wealth Management in Real Life

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A Smarter Way to Give

With donor-advised funds, you can respond to a natural disaster in a way that fits your broader financial plans.

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Don't Put Off Your Estate Plan!

No matter the size of your family or bank account, the conversation about estate planning needs to be had.