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Planning in the Age of COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has attacked our financial well-being as well as our health. The Summer issue of Digest can help you make financial decisions to protect yourself both now and in the long term, take advantage of planning provisions from the CARES Act, and hear from the economic experts at Strategas on what's in store for the recovery.

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  • As of this writing, 2019 tax returns and 2020 first- and second-quarter estimated tax payments are due. If you are unable to file by the July 15 deadline, you can request an extension.


  • As of writing this, last day employers with calendar-year retirement plans can file Form 5500.


  • Put any year-end tax plans in motion. Reach out to your Financial Advisor and tax professional to start talking about steps you may be able to take to lower your tax bill for 2020.


  • National 401(k) Day is the first Friday after Labor Day – consider taking this time to review your retirement savings plans.


  • Third-quarter estimated income tax payments are due.

For the latest information about your tax statements and important deadlines, visit bairdwealth.com/taxes.

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