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Letter From Mike Schroeder

As this issue of Digest is reaching your hands, America is facing unprecedented challenges.

While the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc on our health and economy, the civil unrest impacting our communities also weighs heavily on all of us.

Confronting the persistence of racism, inequality and injustice, we must all work to do better … to be better. We must work toward fostering an environment where every individual truly matters. We must demonstrate empathy and treat each other with dignity. We must hold each other accountable. We must be present – to lean on, to be patient with, and to stay positive for one another. In a world where many of us are already feeling overwhelmed, we need resilience, leadership, and effective action to drive us forward.

In addition to the civil unrest, we're also facing a worldwide pandemic. Your health and your family's safety are undoubtedly on your mind, and navigating the challenges to stop the spread of the virus has forced all of us to be more diligent. Baird has gone to great lengths to ensure that your Financial Advisor and the professionals they rely on have the technology, resources and support to continue serving all of your financial needs, so you can focus on what matters most to you.

Despite the challenges that we are all facing, we are grateful for the trusted relationships that we've built, and we are here for you.

Please take care of you and yours and, if you have any questions about your accounts or your financial future, don't hesitate to reach out to your Financial Advisor.

Mike Schroeder's Signature

Mike Schroeder
Private Wealth Management

Baird has always embraced, valued and emphasized Inclusion and Diversity for all associates. We believe strongly in our commitment to providing both personal and professional opportunities for every individual regardless of gender, race, color, age, religious affiliation, nationality, sexual orientation, physical ability and gender identity.

We strive to create an environment where differences are understood, respected and valued, and where diversity unites rather than divides us.

To learn more about Baird's commitment to inclusion and diversity and to read a letter from our CEO to all Baird employees, visit: rwbaird.com/Our-Commitment-to-Inclusion-and-Diversity.
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