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Midterm Preview: Strategas Economic Outlook

Historically, midterm elections following a newly elected president have been referendums on that president's first two years in office. What will that mean for the markets and the economy? The experts at Strategas weigh in.

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October 1

  • First date to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the 2023–2024 school year. Many (but not all) forms of financial aid are first‐come, first‐served.


  • Annual Election Period for making changes to Medicare or Medicare Advantage coverage.


  • Final extended deadline for filing 2021 income tax returns for those who requested an extension.

October's Wealth Strategies webinar: Medicare Planning


  • November is Giving Month! Direct donations of cash, material goods or investments can make a big difference in people's lives – and your 2022 tax liability.


  • Last day to buy a security and recognize a loss on the sale of a substantially identical security by the end of the year. (The sale must occur on December 31.)

November's Wealth Strategies webinar: Year‐End Tax Planning


  • Deadline for taking required minimum distributions from retirement plans for 2022.
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Letter From Leadership

Baird's recent client survey provides insight into how our Financial Advisors can more efficiently and effectively work with you.

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Your Personal Inflation Rate

How has inflation affected what you spend every month? Here's how to figure its impact on your own household.

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Making Sense of the Empty Nest

As your children move out of your home and start their own adult lives, this checklist can help you make sure everything is in place to secure their financial future.

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Trust 101

A look at the basic elements and estate planning strategies that can help you build a legacy for generations to come.

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The All‐New Baird Online App

With its new features, a more intuitive design and additional security, the new Baird Online app lets you see your financial plans from anywhere.

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Doing Well by Doing Good

A Baird Capital portfolio company is exploring new ways to make space travel safer.