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Wrestling With Volatility

How long will inflation and market volatility persist? Check out our exclusive analysis from the macroeconomic experts at Strategas. Plus: Five moves you can make to protect your assets now.

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June 15

  • Second‐quarter estimated federal income tax payments are due.

June 30

  • The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be submitted by midnight CDT. Individual state applications may be due before the federal deadline and do not replace filling out the FAFSA.

July 1

  • Preparing a projection of your 2022 tax liability at the year's midpoint can help you avoid any underpayment penalties.

July 31

  • Deadline to file Form 5500 for employers with calendar‐year retirement plans.

August's Wealth Strategies webinar: Trust Services

September 1

  • Put any year‐end tax plans in motion. Reach out to your Financial Advisor and tax professional on how you might lower your tax bill for 2022.
  • Repayment, interest and collections for federal student loans are scheduled to resume, barring another extension or other legislative action.

For the latest information about year‐end deadlines, visit Baird's Tax Information Center.

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Letter From Leadership

Welcoming the Financial Advisors of Hefren‐Tillotson to the Baird family.

Volatility chart

Why Economic Volatility Isn't Going Away

Inflation and market volatility are driven by a combination of factors. Our macroeconomic experts examine what it will take to calm the world economy.

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The Biggest Threat to Your Retirement

Health care events requiring long‐term care tend to be unaccounted for in most financial plans. Here's how to be prepared for them.

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The New Baird Online App

Coming this summer: A completely redesigned app to help you stay on top of every aspect of your financial life.

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Doing Well By Doing Good

Have fun in the sun this summer with a Baird‐sponsored pickleball tournament.