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The New Baird Online App

To help you stay on top of your financial plans at all times, this summer Baird is rolling out the completely redesigned Baird Online Mobile App. With our new app, you will be able to:

LOG IN SECURELY AND EASILY with your fingerprint or facial recognition

MONITOR YOUR PORTFOLIO including changes in value and asset allocation

KNOW YOUR NET WORTH and see all your finances in one view with 360 Wealth

REVIEW AND TRANSMIT KEY DOCUMENTS including client statements, confirmations, tax forms and more with our secure portal

STAY IN THE KNOW with expert insights from award-winning Baird research

CONNECT WITH YOUR BAIRD TEAM with all of your advisor's contact information at the ready

With the Baird Online Mobile App, you'll have access to 360 Wealth, which provides a summary of all of your financial accounts – banking, investments, loans, insurance and more – to give you a true 360‐degree view of your finances. You can also analyze your month‐to‐date spending and view your current month cash flow – all from your mobile phone. See 360 Wealth in action at Baird Online.

Hefren-Tillotson and Baird logos

Letter From Leadership

Welcoming the Financial Advisors of Hefren‐Tillotson to the Baird family.

Volatility chart

Why Economic Volatility Isn't Going Away

Inflation and market volatility are driven by a combination of factors. Our macroeconomic experts examine what it will take to calm the world economy.

Man balancing on volatility chart

Wrestling With Volatility

When will the markets and inflation finally calm down? Plus: Moves you can make now.

Dollar sign made of pills

The Biggest Threat to Your Retirement

Health care events requiring long‐term care tend to be unaccounted for in most financial plans. Here's how to be prepared for them.

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Doing Well By Doing Good

Have fun in the sun this summer with a Baird‐sponsored pickleball tournament.