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The Biggest Questions in Financial Planning

Baird's New Wealth Solutions Video Series

What role should taxes play in my investment decisions? How can I use credit as part of my overall financial strategy? At what stage in my life do I need to look into long‐term care insurance?

Baird's Wealth Solutions Group is proud to announce a new series of videos addressing many of your most common financial planning questions. These videos feature some of Baird's top wealth management experts explaining, in simple English, answers to such questions as:

Tax Planning

Which life changes incur the greatest need for tax planning?
Why does a truly effective tax strategy need to be monitored year‐round?

Insurance Planning

At what points in my life do I need to revisit my insurance needs?
Is it realistic to rely on self‐insurance for long‐term care?

Liquidity Solutions

What role can liquidity play in my financial plan?
Are there areas of my financial life where debt can be a powerful part of my strategy?

Estate Planning

Who needs to consider creating an estate plan?
Why is it important to consider estate planning as part of a full financial plan?

Education Planning

When is a good time to start considering education planning?
How can I deal with the fact that college costs are rising faster than inflation?


What role does technology play in monitoring my financial plans?
What future technology advancements can I expect from Baird?

The videos are available at Baird's Wealth Strategies and through your financial advisor.

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