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Doing Well by Doing Good

Building on Our Associates' Generosity

One of the most successful avenues of Baird's community involvement continues to be the Baird Foundation Associate Match Program, which experienced a record‐setting year in 2022. Nearly three quarters of eligible associates used their Associate Match to make matching gifts. Baird Foundation specifically supports nonprofits with a focus on health and human services, education, and the arts, especially organizations where associates are actively involved. In addition to the Associate Match Program, we also hold Baird Gives Back Week, which gives associates a chance to donate their time to local organizations as well.

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Letter From Leadership

In putting together your financial plans, Baird's Advisors rely on the expertise of Strategas, one of the world's leading macro research firms.

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The Flexibility in 529 Plans

Recent changes have given parents even more options in how they save for college.

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Riding Out the Debt Ceiling Crisis

John Taft on what investors need to know about the debt ceiling crisis.

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Showdown Over the Debt Ceiling

With another debt ceiling standoff looming this summer, the macro experts at Strategas look at the likely economic effects.

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A House Divided

Thinking of buying a vacation home with family members? Follow these simple guidelines to keep the headaches at a minimum.

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Talking with Family About Wealth

It's one of the most difficult – but most important – conversations you can ever have. Here's how to get it started.

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A Brave New World

The U.S. economy is evolving – and investors need to pivot along with it. A look at what recent economic trends mean for your financial plans.