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Changing the Conversation on Women's Well‐Being

With an eye toward improving women's health, Baird is fostering a look toward the future.

The women's wellness market has grown exponentially in recent years, driven by an increasing focus on health and wellness in a holistic manner and a greater interest in women's overall well‐being. In addition, the Covid‐19 pandemic brought health awareness to an entirely new level and accelerated the importance of wellness‐related activities.

With all those factors in play, Baird has been proud to further this important conversation. Baird Global Investment Banking recently sponsored a Women's Health & Wellness Showcase to highlight a diverse array of brands, business models and teams that are tackling real issues women are facing related to their health and welfare. More than 20 brands across the spectrum of health & wellness participated, including skincare, haircare, vitamins & supplements, period care, fertility, postpartum/maternity, menopause and sexual wellness.

Among the key findings from the showcase:

  • Self‐care is a significant driver of spending for millennials, who spend an average $300 per month on items like workouts, self‐improvement and productivity/mindfulness apps – twice as much as baby boomers
  • Two‐thirds of women search for healthcare information online, and they're 75% more likely to turn to digital resources for healthcare information than men
  • Nearly 60% of consumers reported making more ecofriendly, sustainable or ethical purchases since the start of Covid‐19.

"I think women's problems have been ignored or dismissed for a long time, and women are no longer accepting that kind of response," said Katie Sturino, founder and CEO of the personal‐care firm Megababe, one of the brands featured at the showcase. "They're going out and finding solutions for themselves. That is really a powerful movement."

To see the top takeaways from the showcase, visit Women's Wellness Now.

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