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The Next Evolution in Wealth Planning

Once upon a time, investors simply listened to their stockbroker. Now, with retirement, estate and legacy needs growing, the very concept of wealth management has changed to meet those needs. And Baird's offerings continue to grow, to help build your family's future.

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January 1 – March 31

  • General enrollment period for Medicare for those who missed their initial enrollment period.

January 17

  • Fourth‐quarter federal estimated tax payments for 2022 are due.

January 31

  • Baird issues Form 1099‐R and 1099‐Q for retirement and/or Coverdell Education Savings accounts with reportable distributions.
  • Baird issues Form 5498 to report Year‐end Fair Market Value, Total Contributions and Required Minimum Distributions for IRA accounts. Any contributions for 2022 made in 2023 will be confirmed through an updated 5498 delivered in May.

January's Wealth Strategies webinar: Market Outlook

February 15

  • Baird issues the first wave of Consolidated 1099s (1099‐DIV, 1099‐INT, 1099‐OID, 1099‐B and 1099‐MISC) for accounts holding individual equities, bonds or early‐reporting mutual funds whose final tax information has been provided.

March 1

  • Baird issues the second wave of 1099s for accounts holding mutual funds, ETFs and REITs whose final tax information was provided after the previous date.

March 15

  • Baird issues the final wave of 1099s for remaining accounts with late‐reporting adjustments or income reclassifications as well as REMICs or WHFITs.

March's Wealth Strategies webinar: Roth IRA Planning

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Letter From Leadership

As the needs of our clients evolve, Baird's Private Wealth Management's services and expertise will continue to evolve along with them.

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Strategas Economic Outlook: A Recession in 2023?

What could cause the economy to tip into recession this year? The macro experts at Strategas look at all the possibilities.

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Changing the Conversation on Women's Well‐Being

With an eye toward improving women's health over the long term, Baird is fostering a look ahead at the future.

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A Picasso in Your Portfolio

More investors are looking at nontraditional assets like fine wine and classic cars. But don't expect these collectibles to behave like stocks and bonds.

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Protecting Retirement Income in a Time of Volatility

In a new column, Baird's vice chairman, John Taft, looks at how retirees can weather market storms.

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Welcome to the Pickleverse!

Baird has become a prominent sponsor of the rapidly growing sport of pickleball.

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Doing Well by Doing Good

A Baird Capital portfolio company has a new spin conservation: recycling old airplanes.